What’s coming up

Exciting months ahead for the Oaks team with a variety of projects on the go. An extension, a new build, a demolition and rebuild to follow into 2020.

Dan and his have enough to keep themselves busy over the coming winter months. With a small residential side extension in Tunbridge Wells, overseeing and preparing a demolition site ahead of a rebuild which will follow on from the recent start of a new build in Serpentine Road Sevenoaks.

We’ll be posting loads of engaging content on these projects progress, so be sure to keep following our feeds.

Demolition and Rebuild, Brouchier Close in Sevenoaks

A perfect beautiful home, it resides on the hill overlooking beautiful views over the Sevenoaks valley (#sevenoaksdevelopments #demoltition #construction), yet its mere existence is doomed as the diggers and crashing ball will be moving in to bring it to the ground. Follow the story as this site is destined for greater things.

New build, Serpentine Road in Sevenoaks

The plans are all in place, groundworks team busy preparing the site (#sevenoaks #groundworks #construction). Project Serpetine all set and ready, this new build will keep the Oaks team busy over the coming winter months into the summer of 2020. A sizeable plot in a very desireable part of Sevenoaks, this site will be transformed with a beautiful modern home complete with landscaping. A perfect showcase of the skillsets of Oaks Developments.


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